Friday, March 20, 2009

Do you have Twilight Syndrome?

So, Tonight we can finally own Twilight on DVD. This should be very awesome, but the expiriance is marred by the realization that once the huge Twilight fix will be attained, we will all go through Withdrawl at some point. Sure the DVD could be our TwiCrack for DAYS or WEEKS but what happens when the DVD isn't enough anymore? Will we be able to go back to just searching the internet for a fix, or will we start a slow and painful withdrawl?

And, since I can get a great fix at 1 in the morning, why do I need a fix now? It seems like it really is an addiction, a complusion. Why? Because I, like many other who don't know it yet, have Twilight Syndrome. It can be an up hill battle, but easily controlled with the proper amount of Twilight Everyday.

-Thanks to Confessions of a TwiCrack Addict for haveing an awesome name and getting me through my Twilight disease/addiction. YOU ROCK!

*PLEASE NOTE- I am not in anyway trying to be offencive to anyone about addiction. It is not a fun topic, and it hurts LOTS of people. I have seen and been through it enough to know that it hurts. And so I say that drugs are not worth it. Someone out there loves you, even if you have no family or friends. At least one person cares for you, maybe it's the coffee shop lady, or the baker, or someone you haven't met. It may not be Love exactly but, everyone has someone who cares for them in some way. Why hurt them by hurting your self?

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