Sunday, March 15, 2009

Community Theater

I am apparently very good at evading actually answering questions. I was asked 'Are you a solo-est' Answer: "If I say yes, and I am not as good as I thought I was then I seem conceded, If I say no and I am better than I think then I am demoting myself." the reply "That is actually, the best answer to a question, and it isn't even an answer." ;) So now I have to 'try out' for a solo part... Yay me... :) I had fun tiday but now I have practice for the thig at lest 3 times a week... Which in turn means switching put the twilight soundtrack for the CD with the songs on it. It means less reading Twilight, and reading the lyrics to all the songs... It means I have less time... A lot less if I am this serious... HA! My mom jumped on board last minute, she isn't gonna kill me for this: In two weeks if I stop posting completely... it means either I didn't pay the cabel company, or that I was killed by a really angry mom for listening to "Greased Lightining" 1 to many times. lol

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