Saturday, March 28, 2009

Can Twilight die? Birthday Party... boo

I went to my Nephew's Birthday Party today. He turned 5. We opened presents, and watched him ride his bike. We then all packed into the kitchen for cake. Guess who was on the cake? The Incedible Hulk. Guess what color the Icing was? FREAKING PUKE GREEN! So Lie did not have any cake... I was icky lookin', I mean GREEN? Seriously? So, then we cracked out the Ice Cream... I am all about Icecream, So I ate some Choclate Icecream. Yum. Then I sat down at the tabel to examine the cake and Eric came over, with a birthday red fork and a bite of green cake... he says "If you don't eat the cake, Twilight will die." I didn't move. He Added "AND I will kill Cardboard Movie Edward for looking at you funny." Now, I love cardboard Movie Edward and I could yell at him be cause we were surrounded by adults, and children ranging from 6 months to 11 years old. So I said "I'll eat a bite of the cake." now at this point EVERYONE and their Monkey's uncle was looking at us right? So one would think he would behave... One would assume that he would just give me a bite of cake and everything would be all good...
THAT IS NOT WHAT HAPPENED! He moved the fork toward me, I grimaced and then he 'accidentily' dumps half the cake down my shirt, and the other half of the nasty green cake in my mouth. Then promptly exclaims "Oh, I am sorry. I should help you get the cake out of your shirt in the other room, ALONE!" Real smooth right? He also copped a feel and got icing on my Edward shirt, in front of my ENTIRE family.
In the other room, which was my 6mo. old neices' room, he told me some stuff about his dad. Not good stuff. And then after I was sure all the cake was out of my bra, and that he was done talking, and that every member of my family was standing with their ears pressed to the walls I said "Jesus, is that all? Where is the rest? That's it, it's so small?" really loud, the my step dad stormed in... It was funny. He had Eric in a death grip aginst the wall before he figured out I was kidding... My sister in law was laughing before he flug the door open. Seriously the best party ever.


  1. hahahaha That was hilarious! Thanks for the comment on my blog and your blog rocks! :)

  2. I know right?! How can i forget to blog about my Twilight weekend...well its been a long week. haha Creepy that me and your sister have the same due date. :)