Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Busy and Twilight

So, My little brother and I made a deal: I pogo on his Vertigo, and he comes to Community Theater with me. HA! So, what came of my pogoing? 1. A nice concussion 2. A crack in the bone on my inner ankel (That "SHOULD" heal itself. What does that mean?) 3. The ability to rub in that my little bro. really does like the theater and has fun. :) YUP!
I have practice pretty much 3 days a week, 'cept next week. It's spring break. I might only have 2 days of practice next week.

So a little late, But Stephenie Meyer updated her Website on the 16th and the 17th saying that she is doing an event to benifit a book buyer who has cancer. YAY STEPH! And a reminder for Cathrine Hardwicke's Directors Notebook's release. YAY FANS!

The actors playing the roles of the werewolves were named. To be honest I am a little nervous about some of them. I don't know why but the wolves are one way the movie could absolutely suck. Also, how will they make the people 'explode' into a 'horse sized wolf'? YAY WOLVES! Also, when Edward leaves in the movie, we arn't going to have to watch scenes of him curled up in a ball right?

So, I read all that today, I am very behind in Twilight Times...

THIS FRIDAY!!! DVD RELEASE! I'm really excited to see all the bonus feat... and of course haveing MOVIE EDWARD on demand. I like Movie Edward.

**Side Note: Recently I have been tryin' real hard not to say BAD words... Instead I say things like Holy Edward! and Jazz it! or my favorite Emm ett! (he he) and sometimes when I need a really 'creative sentence' It might go someing like: Holy Edwarding, Jasper Emmett Roselie Hale! You scared the Twilight out of me. fun right? NO! People either look at me crazy or ignore it and pretend I had an episode. It's a disease, I made it one just now. It's Twilight Syndrome. It means that most everything you say will either be directly or indirectly related to Twilight. :) wait, no. I have a disease i'm :(

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