Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Because Lauren blogged her "convo" with Rob, I will tell you which Rob's would be ok to meet. For me.

HA! So I was just over at Laurens Bite... She doesn't EVER want to meet Rob. She has perfectly good reasons, and I respect her choice, however, I don't agree. There are plenty of different sides to Rob, and situations where meeting him would be bad. Bare with me here I mean no offence.

So drunk he gets google-y eyes Rob. > NO

"So Hi, I'm Lie" I'd say- his reply "...Hi, (Mumbles and grumbles words that don't make sence)"

While lots of fangirls are screaming and he's thinking "When do I get to leave?" aka Annoyed Rob. > NO

"Hi, I'm Lie." - "Hi, what do you want? A signature? A picture?" he asks all annoyed.

Rob at a signing, where the above happens. > NO

"Hi,..." get cuts off- "Hi, Here, NEXT!" I really don't know if he'd be that way but I'd be pissed

Rob anywhere that a toilet is within 5 feet. > NO

"Um, Hi. I'm Lie I was just in the bathroom where the girl in the stall next to me didn't wash her hands." -He'd answer "Um, that's great I was just on my way to go pee, if you'll excuse me" - Then I would blert out something like "Have fun" then think *Crap well Book Edward said "No, have fun works as well as anything" guess he didn't count the potty*

Also, Meeting Rob while in a hurry. > NO

"Hi" I'd say "Hi, how are you today? Do you like music?" *Crap, I could blow off picking my mother up from the airport to talk to Rob, but she might get lost* "I'm sorry I have to go."

Or while/just after an embaracing moment. > NO

He would say "Hi i'm Robert." I would run from the room.


I Would love to meet Rob walking a dog that never has to go potty.

I would love to meet Rob somewhere like a parking lot with a flat tire, then hopefully either he would help fix it.

I might *if he doesn't get pissed* like to meet Rob after he runs his car into mine because he himself admits he can't drive here.

I would like to meet Rob somewhere nothing could go wrong!

So, that is my take on meeting Rob.

So, I am listening to Blue October, and I am DIEIN' to have a non acustic version of "MY NEVER" :( I can really see how it goes with Jacob in BD. HAHA, it's a lil' face with sun glasses and a huge smile, anywhats In Breaking Dawn on page 355 like Stephenie said... :( So sad.

:> <3>

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