Monday, March 30, 2009

Oh. My. God.

Okay-dokey. So, did I post that I made Eric read me "Wide Awake" or did he? Well anyway, It was FUCKING great... Now though, to my annoyance I am no longer LIE I am refered to solely as 'My girl'... and Eric says the 'f' word all the time while he reads so he is happy. It got weird when he was Mid-sentence, and my brother walked into my room for "And I just wanted to thrust into her hips." Great right? We wasis all covered up in my blanke-y, and my stuffed anaimal had stuffing in their ears, and then my brother made it all weird... My bro was like, "Excuse me? You wanna do what? NO! DO NOT ANSWER!" and he put his fingers in his ears and LA-LA-LAed his way back out of the room. He also walk in when E was reading the scene where they were in the meadow for the 2nd time. YUP. SHE HAS TO FINISH IT!!!! I NEED THE ENDING! Eric seconds the notion of an ending because he says that when I am Loopy and bored it is worse then Jimmy Neutron's "I'm loopey" dance/song AND Spongebob Squarepants' "I'm ready!" Mixed together.

WELL FINE! lol... Seriously thought, She could just change the names, and maybe the FORKS location, and she has got herself a freaking rockin' Romance Novel.


Sunday, March 29, 2009

In between comming down and going back up.

Okay, It's Lie. I am barely about to see to type, but Eric is makeing me some food, and earlier He found this Fan Fictio called Wide Awake. It is great. He is reading it to me... HeHeHe. I am Evil.... ANYHOO, We made it to Chapter 22. He keeps reading ahead and giggeling, then he blushes when he gets to those parts, lol. OMG, the story makes me feel all to use a (laurens bite term) Makey-Out-y.... Lol.

Well C U Soon... Hate My Pills. Never thought I would live to see the day I didn't like free pain pills from the doctor. but I FOUND IT.

It's Eric, I am letting you know this...

Yo, Hey guys it is Eric, Lie's Boyfriend. Lie is not in a fit state to post anything. She got hurt, not to bad. (details at my blog) She has some pain medication that is supposed to keep her kind of loopy... I would say, "Ewic, cowler wif meeeee." is pretty loopy. And yes, I am coloring with her. She keeps switching between 5 year old, and ready to rip my clothes off. It is hysterical, but It hurts her feeling and cries if I laugh at her.
I will be posting some more of Lie's High as a Kite stories at MY BLOG, if anyone care to read them.

Peace >

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Eric's Blog, A Stand Against Domestic Violence

Eric's Blog - He is my boyfriend of 1.5 years, recently he has been in a lot of my posts, that would be because he is always here, and now when I need a hug, he is out getting me period munchies... Emm-ett!!! Emmett Emmett Emmett! (that is me cursing because sometimes my little sister reads me blog.)

Eric posted somthing on his blog that he hadn't told me about. Some of it I know but some of it is scarry. He went with my brother to get some Soda and Sancks and I wish he was here so he could give me a hug. :'( I never knew he had it that bad. I really really do. I hope he somes home soon. I think I might really cry when he gets here. I just want to crawl onto his lap and cry on his shoulder. Then some makein' out might be good to, to help cheer me up.

I know there are THOUSANDS of other children in just Indiana who expiriance some type of abuse.

Since he told the world something they didn't know I am going to tell Eric why I know what buttons to push to make his dad backoff. I am going to blog about it.
I was Freshman Year young. I got a boyfriend, who will remain unnamed. He was charming and Sweet to start with. He took me to nice dinners and Movies. He was a sophmore, a year and a half older than me. He was also very abusive, mentally and physically. He liked to beat me, he liked me to be afraid. I learned to BOX. My friends and I used to all the time just for fun, not serious stuff just little taps and jabbs. Sometimes He would decide that a Sparring match wasn't enough for him and just start wailing on me. Others he would decided I did something wrong or cheated on him. He NEVER tried to sexually abuse me in anyway. not that that makes him any better then the people who do, but it matters to me.
What this taught me Most abusers need the same thing, to feel they are in charge, to feel that they have power over the other person or people. They like to be feared. If you show them you arn't afraid they will get really angry, then they will get bored. BUT, this is not always the case!

Some Informative links:
Some people your may know aginst Comestic Abuse
TONS of links about all kinds of abuse from th CDC

From Erics Blog>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
"Take A stand Against Domestic Abuse.
Search Google or Yahoo, read the Statistics.
You will be amazed and appalled.
I am wholely against Domestic Violence."

Not to exciting 'cept I almost got squished.

So, tonight is the last night of the awesome Spring Break Party, that my brother has had... Really it was 2 of hisfriends (1 of which is my boyfriend) staying over all week pretty much. lol. So tonight isn't the last night Eric is staying at my house though... See his dad is a really bad guy, and he is going to visit his brothers on monday, so Eric is staying over till then... I am really freaked about his dad, he gives off creepy vibes, and he enjoys beating on people. So, now that thats out of the way,

Enough drama, ya know when it is that time of the month and ya feel reallly crabby, and bloated? I hate it... I feel all Icky, the good news? It only is a few days a month and it gives me an excuse to snap at people. I told you that to twll you this, Eric was outside with my brother on my bros' pogo stick... It started to lightning and thunder and rain ad they stayed outside... I walked outside to complain at my brother and my boyfriend jokeingly. Well when Accident prone Lie stepped off the porch and walked over to them a huge freaking branch broke off a tree and seriously landed less than a foot away from me. I didn't scream, I usually don't do that. I froze and assesed everyother tree in sight. Eric Freaked. He said i was never allowed to leave the house ever again, which made me mad... he could go outside and pogostick with my bro and I would what watch from the window? Uh-uh... Well, anyway, then we got in a fight... but he ended the fight pretty awesomely... Well it all worked out because now I am eating Icecream and Cuddeling with my Moo-Moo, my doggy(Bam), my Eric and my laptop.... And now we are going to watch some action movie because E said no twilight movie again. I think it's the transporter. but anyway, right now I feel pretty good considering.

Have you guys ever played Bullshit? ya know you hand out some cards then lay down a card or two and ame them then if somebody thinks you lied they say bull and flip the cards you laid. If you didn't lie then they take the pile, if you did then you take the pile... game continues until some has no cards. Well I like the game, I rock at the game. Nobody will play the game with me.

Can Twilight die? Birthday Party... boo

I went to my Nephew's Birthday Party today. He turned 5. We opened presents, and watched him ride his bike. We then all packed into the kitchen for cake. Guess who was on the cake? The Incedible Hulk. Guess what color the Icing was? FREAKING PUKE GREEN! So Lie did not have any cake... I was icky lookin', I mean GREEN? Seriously? So, then we cracked out the Ice Cream... I am all about Icecream, So I ate some Choclate Icecream. Yum. Then I sat down at the tabel to examine the cake and Eric came over, with a birthday red fork and a bite of green cake... he says "If you don't eat the cake, Twilight will die." I didn't move. He Added "AND I will kill Cardboard Movie Edward for looking at you funny." Now, I love cardboard Movie Edward and I could yell at him be cause we were surrounded by adults, and children ranging from 6 months to 11 years old. So I said "I'll eat a bite of the cake." now at this point EVERYONE and their Monkey's uncle was looking at us right? So one would think he would behave... One would assume that he would just give me a bite of cake and everything would be all good...
THAT IS NOT WHAT HAPPENED! He moved the fork toward me, I grimaced and then he 'accidentily' dumps half the cake down my shirt, and the other half of the nasty green cake in my mouth. Then promptly exclaims "Oh, I am sorry. I should help you get the cake out of your shirt in the other room, ALONE!" Real smooth right? He also copped a feel and got icing on my Edward shirt, in front of my ENTIRE family.
In the other room, which was my 6mo. old neices' room, he told me some stuff about his dad. Not good stuff. And then after I was sure all the cake was out of my bra, and that he was done talking, and that every member of my family was standing with their ears pressed to the walls I said "Jesus, is that all? Where is the rest? That's it, it's so small?" really loud, the my step dad stormed in... It was funny. He had Eric in a death grip aginst the wall before he figured out I was kidding... My sister in law was laughing before he flug the door open. Seriously the best party ever.

Friday, March 27, 2009

:( Holy freaking god it is hot, AND TWILIGHT!!!

OKAY! Guess what? It is ten million degrees in my room. Wanna know why? Because my mom has the fire place on downstairs.
Bamzoni is snoring louder than a chainsaw, and Eric is really cute when he sleeps. His blog is cute too, but that probly cuz it is about me so far... He keeps scooting closer to me in his sleep, If it was cold that would be great, but I seriously could mix up the stuff for cake, sit the cake pan in the middle of my room, then in 30 minutes, I would have cake... a cooked cake. Man cake sounds good now, stupid food analogies. It is that hot, PLUS I can't sleep without my Moo-Moo, (he is my stuffed cow) and Moo-Moo is stuck under Eric's body! Eric smooshin my Moo-Moo!!! Well I guess I an Gonna Plug in the other fan, and cuddle with E because seriously I couldn't get any more hot. I wish it was cold.

On to twilight... haha, So Now that I for sure know every single line in both the Movie and Commentary, I thought that it would be fun to check out some Twilight/ New Moon News. I got alot of the same stuff as usual. THEN I FOUND the dumbest website, It's so dumb I won't even put a link to it. Really I lost the Link but anyway. This site was dedicated to Robert Pattinson's Stink... It was all about how he freakin smells... Some parts said he smelled yummy some parts said he smelled offensively bad... SERIOUSLY! I have seen little article about is smell or lack there of, but I have never EVER seen an entire site dedicated to a persons oder... Even PERFUME sites arn't all about perfume....

Also The woman/model/girl they cast for Heidi- She is beautiful! She isn't how I saw Heidi but OMFPEC! She fits the part awesomely!!! I am really excited now.

Thank you for reading my midnight rants


Hello! I am very excited to tell you that Eric has a blog it is ! See it says: Erics Blog Because Lie Said. Really It's under the blogs that I manage but He is going to be doing the Posting and Stuff! SO YAY ERIC! My Boyfriend has a blog.

Update on the Spring Break Party. My brother went to his friends house durig the day today, but he and his friend came back this evening... Eric would have been allowed to stay if they didn't come back. How weird is that? My mom and step dad were fine with it. At diner before my brother came back this is how the converstaion went:

Step Dad "So Eric, if the boys don't come back are you still staying over?"
Eris "..."
Step Dad "Well, it is okay either way, son. I thought that you might want to stay since you were with Lie most of the time anyway."
Eric"..." *Then we exchaged a worried holy god look*
*my little sister stares in amazement at their strange point of view*
Step Dad To Mom "That's alright isn't it, if he stays?"
Mom "Yes, of course. He can stay anytime he wants."
My brain "Who the hell are these people? Did Mike put Special Sauce in the food... Again?"
My mouth "You were planning on stay wern't you Eric? Because it's just your Dad at home?"
Eric "... I... I... Umm... Yea if... If that's alright."

How weird is that? Well anyway. I don't know what it means though... Maybe it means - Jesus Lie hurry up and move out and live with him already.- or maybe it means they think if we spend all of our time together we would discover that we arn't compatible... Or maybe they really are fine with it. It's not like we're doing anything we shouldn't do. It took a year and a half for HIM to say I love you, we didn't really kiss until our 8th date, which was 2 and a half weeks into the relationship....

Well, umm I am going to watch Twilight with Cardboard Edward and try to get the guys to play Bull*esme* with me... They think I cheat at that too...


Lol, so last night I managed to get some sleep. I woke up all contorted and uncomfortable smooshed between two things I love though. (My dog and my BF). I am gonna try not to get all mush-y with this post, but it might and I appologize for that.

My wake up call at 7 AM: Bam (Dog) licking my face. I was unhappy. I was uncomfortable. And I was hot. I rolled over and faced Eric, who was already awake. He said "Good morning Star Shine. Did you sleep better?" He seemed like he was thinking about somehting serious and that made me nervous... Then Bam ate some of my hair, and slobbered all over half my face... How sexy is that? Well, Eric got up and went downstairs without a 'see you in a few' or 'be right back' or any kind of anything. I took a shower and stepped out of the Shower to a note hanging from my Pull up bar. It read "Babe, didn't want to bother you. Meet me in our spot?" - our spot is a vine-y archway with a huge tree behind it in the woods by my house.

At 8:30 I headed outside to go to the spot. I was nervous and shake-y and scared because E was so Stoic this morning. I don't know why, but I was. So I amde it to the spot and found a Note tied to the Tree. It said "Babe, it took you forever to get here. Turn around." So I complied and turned around... I saw Eric standing about 20 yards away, and I freaked All I could think was, great he is gonna break up with me. I didn't want him to do that. We have been together for a year and a half (since sept. of 2007). Mikkiey my best friend and ex BF and pretty much my Everything since birth killed himself about 6months after E and I got together, and Eric was there and he watched me tear myself apart for another guy and he stayed with me. He is great. So anyway, we're in the woods and he still has his serious face on. I was freakin out, and I actually cried silently and he was like "Babe! What's wrong?" and I said "You made me walk all the way here by myself and your being so distant and now you are gonna break up with me." Then he wrapped his arms aroung me and laughed! HE LAUGHED! He kissed my head and said 'Why would I break up woth you? I brought you out here so I could tell you I love you.' then he got all formal and said it agian using my name. See, he never, before today actually told me he loved me He never said the words. It made since for him and me. I know why, and I am glad he said it today. So after he told me he loved me for the first time. I told him I loved him and that I was mad at him. lol. So he had a picnic set up and we ate some potato salad. and Carrots. I like Carrots. lol. Then we just sat in the woods and talked. He is the Greatest Boyfriend in the world.

I haven't sold him on the blog yet but he got a reply from Nathan today from his threat yesterday... I thought it was funny It's below in RED

Eric- Yes, I fully understand the claim and commitment that you have on Lie. I also understand that you do not like how I treat her. I want you to know, she knows anything mean I say is either the hard truth or a flat out lie. I love her, but respect her enough to let her see me as her big brother and you as her boyfriend. Now, umm I would like you to know that if she was my Girlfriend I would have told her how I felt and not barreled it at her friend. Also, I would have made it more bases than you if it were a baseball game. -Your best pal- Nathan

What assholes. Talk about me like property, and then Nate thinking that he would have gottena home run by now... NO ONE gets to go all the way home until I am Married. And getting married IS NOT allowed to be rushed forward so that anyone can make it all the way around the bases if ya know what I mean... I have been there done that and It just causes more problems htan it solves. PLUS I am only 18 years old. I have my whole life for that.

My Mad Poker Skills

Hello... It has been said that I cheat at poker. Since some of my friends read this blog and play poker with me I feel that it is important for me to say I DO NOT cheat at poker. I have a boss poker face, and I act on stage for fun. This is why I am the MASTER of fake emotion. Also the master of cheezy emotion.
People have a tell. Everyone does. Eric scratches his left wrist when he lies. Nathan's left eye twitches when he is nervous. Everyone has one. So my Poker advice? Learn peoples tells, and learn your own so you can fake it. Always Cheezy up any emotion showed on the feild.

Lets just say I did cheat at poker, I would have to have AWESOME hand Eye coordination. and be pretty skilled at slight of hand. I can make a coin appear behind kids ear, but that's as far as my slight of hand goes. I have horrible hand eye coordination. So, I do not cheat. I LIE, Hence the name guys, how else did I get it? Actually I have always been called Lie, but hey it fits me.

So I was checkin out some random blogs today and found some funny ones, I don't remember who's they were but I left some Comments as Anonymous and signed with my blog address and name.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Eric's First Offical Blog Entry

Red is Lie- White is Eric

Hello, TODAY I stayed with Lie all day. We had breakfast this morning. I ate two bowls of cereal. Cocoa Puffs. My favorite. Then around 10 we went down to the lake so that Lie could Fish... She wanted to go out in the boat, but with her luck we both would have drowned. Umm... At Noon I ate 3 cheeseburgers, and then Lie decided it was time for her Thursday Jog. After we jogged we hung out with her brother and his friend, and kicked their butts at poker. I think Lie cheats, not that I am complaining, as long as she is my poker buddy. Then at 6 30 We went to the Comm Theater. Lie picked out her outfit, and colored a Big sign. It rocked. Also, Why do old people walk hunched over? (Edit by Lie: Old people walk hunched over because if they stood up straight their pants would fall down from under their boobs/armpits-No offence) Then Lie drove us back to her place. We ate Fish Sticks, and French fries for din-din. And now I am being forced to write a blog entry about my day... By Lie, my wonderful girlfriend. Okay, scratch that, I am writing this blog entry FOR my Beautiful wonderful Girlfriend, Whom I love Dearly.


(Edit: Jesus God, He is So boreing in words. I wonder why. AND I DO NOT CHEAT AT POKER! I just have mad poker skills. Kinda like I have mad candy detecting powers. Okay, I don't cheat EXACTLY, I just pay attention. Everybody has a Tell, and Pretty much noone can lie to me. I'll explain my mad skills in a post tomorrow... I Really want to go to sleep.)

Spring Break Party:Night numero 2

So, that solution to send the ddoggy over to my brothers room, it didn't work. For these reasons: 1: My brothers friend had a panic-y kaniption fit. 2: Bam howls, and whines-He wanted Mommy (Me)- 3: Eric isn't aloud in Lies room with out the dog. Wanna know why my mommy made this rule? Cuz Bam doesn't like Eric. Bam enjoys tring to take chunks out of my boyfriend when I am not looking. Eric thinks it's funny, but I think Bam sees him as Compitition. Like two siblings fighting over who gets to sit on Mommy's lap. It's them fighting over me... Weird huh? Well so what I love my Overly Possesive Fat Doggy.... HA! Eric is reading over my shoulder, and Bam is trying to shove his way between me and everything I am touching- IE my computer, my Juice Box, my Subway 5 dollar foot long, that I will probably give to Bam- *to nate NATHAN! Jesus, why do you gotta think like that man? And to answer the next question NO!*
Since my room is filled with people/animals reading my blog post, I think I had better go.

^^A note from Eric to Nathan. (Part of an E-mail)
^^^Nathan my friend, since I am currently staying with Lie, I would very much like it if you would STOP asking her such ungentalmanly questions. You're her best friend and I get that, but I, like Bam, (The Dog, C Eric can B funny 2) am overly possesive. I have what is mine and while it is mine BACK THE CRAP OFF! >Regards ^Eric

Eric likes to use arrow's in his E-mails, I think he needs a Blog. I will make him get a Blog. It would be FUN! What would his blog be called? NOT Eric's Blog, It's Boreing....
I thought that the E-mail he sent was Hilarious... This is just the End of it.... The Beggining it was normal then the last paragraph morphed into this possesive thing... Man, Men are CRAZY.

Eric thinks that His blog should be called "Deals with Lies" I am seriouly NOT laughing...But it could be cute... HA Deals 2 Lie Any Ideas?

Who should play the Bad Vamps? My horrible night

Okay, so we know who is going to play the wolf-y pack. We know who is gonna play Jane. But who will play the awesomely bad Italians? Who's gonna be Dakota's Twin brother? What about Aro Ciaus and Marcus? I don't like the Idea of them being played by older-ish guys. They were young when they were turned wern't they? How can they be OLD? I think we need to hear some of Summit's choices, because with filming going on right now, you know they know who they want for those baddy roles.

In light of my recent luck, I am now forbade from going anywhere alone. Between Eric and my brother (Who E is paying) I can't even go outside and SIT on the ground. Paranoid much? What is a huge tree going to pick the tiny 2x2 square I sit in? Probably. Well, because of this Eric is going with Me to Play Practice tonight. How much fun! He can help me build the set. and he can watch me pick out my coustume. He can yell at me when I smash my thumb with a hammer. And then he can yell at me for almost getting plastered by a passing truck getting back into the Van.
Yay Me. See Eric is great, but Holy Wow, Seriously he needs to calm down. If I was gonna die, I would die and he couldn't change it. Also 'Living' with Eric isn't weird like I thought it would be. I mean I HATE wakeing up to *Manstretch* "Good morning Star Shine!" *Manstretch* *groansitupscratchstretchagain* "Are you awake?" (I wish I could yell "YES! I am awake, I have been awake for hours! The DOG decided he needed a Pillow and you SNORE!" What I really said "No, I am not awake, go stretch somewhere else and take the damn dog") Yes my buddies, Eirc is staying over for my brother Party. And Yes my buddies my Mother Knows that he slept in my room. And no My Buddies, specifically Nathan, We didn't do anything Edward and Bella didn't do before they were married. I mean Jeezz, my MOM is downstairs, Okay Nate? STOP ASKING!

How my night went last night:

See, My Dog is part Blood hound Part Black Lab Part Stupid and All Love-y dove-y. He usually sleeps on my chest. Bam (The dog) Does not like Eric (The Boyfriend). Eric Splet next to me last night, so Bam kept wedgeing himself between us. Finally at like 2 in the morning Bam gave up and decided to Smother me at the same time that I became Erics Teddy Bear. I'll say it now, I do not like to cuddle when I am trying to sleep. I can't sleep and cuddle. It's to hot, and then when you add in a 120 lbs dog pressed aginst you and that your room has no A/C cuddleing pretty much FLYS out the window. But Oh no, I was in the middle of a Bam and Eric Sandwhich. In the daytime, Cuddeling with Bam is great, In the day time Cuddeling with Eric is great. But even in the daytime, being SMOOSHED between Bam and Eric just plain ol' SUCKS!
So, now it's 3 in the morning I can't breathe and It is hot as Hel.... It's hot What do you do? Kick the closed thing/person to you and yell at them to move. Wanna know how that went? BAD! I kicked E in the Shins and he only half woke up and then Bam got mad and smooshed me further into E and into the floor.

Tonights solution: Send Bam to sleep with brother... Problem with this, my brothers friend is afraid of Poodles, I don't know if he can handel a 100 plus poud dog. Hehehe, Oh yeah: and Buy a fan.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

:( Really scarry, but I can't really explain it scarry.

SOOOO, I went to walmart and waited while the slowest box opener in the world opened the box full (sortof) of Approching Normal. I waited and tollerated him looking at my boobs. I waited and made small talk. I WAITED and pretended that his 20 minute story about a cat was interesting. Then I had my CD in my hand. at 1 in the morning. SO, YAY CD. Then Mr. Slow Box Opener follows me to the regester. How nice of him. Then because I bought a whole load (2 boxes of peeps, an other Twilight T-shirt, and the CD) he felt the need to help me to my car... Well okay I drive a 12 passenger VAN (Names Glen) So, mentally all I can think is 'okay if I roundhouse him first I need at least 3 seconds to regain a defencive pose or 4 seconds to follow up with another offencive move. I told him I didn't need help 3,000 times. I am a paranoid person, add to that a history where defending myself was a daily thing, and a guy who won't leave me alone and you get a very controlled freaked out girl, ready to open a 10,000 year old can of kick-butt on anyone who tries anything.

So this Mr. Box guy is around 6 feet tall, and maybe 200 lbs of muscal. He was maybe 20 years old. He had freaky eyes, and gave off creepy vibes from across the store. So, he INSISTED on walking me to my car. I analised every freaking thing he did, and of course I parked in the dark back part of the parking lot. Yeah, that's who I am. The park in the dark in the back of the lot girl... Half way to my car he reached his hand toward me, his hand was fisted and moving to swiftly to be interprited anyway but violent.... I dropped my bags and roundhoused him in the face. I regained my stance in record time, ready for almost anything. He stayed down, on his hands and knees. He said something like ' I think you broke my JAW!' and I held my stance. cuz if he wasn't gonna do anything before he might now. Well then the Wal mart Rent a cops came out. and cuffed Mr. Box and took my statement.

Apparently Mr. Box had a history of assault and battery. He also had a warrent for a pending rape charge. How freaky is that? I mean, Jesus what if I didn't kick him? What if he hurt me before I had the chance to defend myself or scream? So, at 4 in the morning, when I was allowed to leave Walmart, I had to call Eric because The cops and Rent a cops didn't think I should drive. So E drove up in his pick up, and he looked ready to kill somebody. I thought of twilight in that moment and I laughed. Outloud for a LONG time. So, now that I am offically crazy, and HORRIBLY UNLUCKY I decided to listen to my CD. Well guess what? It won't play... And I am forbid to return to walmart, or to leave my house without Eric. So Eric went to get me a different copy of Blue Octobers new CD. My Mom, was mad because I broke Curfew and didn't call. She didn't seem to worried I could have been brutily raped, or beaten, or worse.

SOO, because of my awesome bad luck my brother is haveing a man-sleepover/Spring Break Party. With 1 of his friends and Eric (They really are friends). Man sleepovers kinda freak me out though, but my mom is fine with that. I am even allowed to play the man sleepover games and watch the man sleepover movies. But Eric is going to watch Twilight with me tonight :) OMFPEC!!! He has my CD, I have to go because I wanna listen to it with Eric, and I have to play pin the bikini on the Supermodel (If it was my party, we'd play strip poker or beer pong, and we'd probly UN-dress the supermodel, but hey... I get to spend the night with my bf so, Who give a flying Fu..... Who cares?)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Happy Twilight Monday Night ~ Lie

I spent my weekend watching Twilight, but in-between I also read James Patterson's AWESOME Maximum Ride Series. I seriously went to Book-A-Million and picked up the first book I saw. It was Maximum Ride: The Angel Expiriment. I finished the book 3 hours later, and made a return trip to Books-A-Million to buy the next books in the set -Maximum Ride Shcools out Forever, Maximum Ride Saving the World and other Extreme Sports, & The Final Warning (I didn't hae enough for the newest book call MAX)- So, I read all those, watched Twilight 4,000 times, AND drank more coffee than any person should EVER consume. I haven't slept more than 4 hours since the 20th, and at Midnight I HAVE to go buy Blue October's new album, YAYAY MEE!

I had play practice today. With no sleep and jitter-y to the max with coffee and Twilight withdrawl. We danced A LOT then sang some. I fell down (True to Lie's style) and hurt-ed my left foot. The Dr. ar the Emergency room knows all my information by heart-How freakin' sad is that? Well With the Perscription he gave me, a caffeene let down, and not sleeping for days, after I get my CD I will listen to 'My Never' and then TRY to go to sleep.

PLUS Wolf PACK CAST. Go to Stephenie's Website then to NEW MOON MOVIE to read the exact post... Or I could give you a link to about 4,000 twilight sites that say it too. I am excitedm It is actually really close.

I have a question B4 I go, When Eclipse comes out will it compete with Harry Potter or will the first half of the 7th book's movie (did that make sence?) come out after it? Since Warner Bros. is now callin it HP6 what will 7 be? HP7 part 1 and HP7 Part 2 or HP7-1/2 and HP&-2/2?

**If I post again, it would be because instead of crashing I decided to watch Twilight again. Seriously between Twilight, The Play, and Trips to the book store I think my mom is ready to lop my head off.

(Sorry if none of this makes since they gave me some happy juice -Which I hate- at the hospital. No new brakes at this point, my feet-y muscal tendon thing-y is just pulled. Just e-mail or comment to complain) -

Sunday, March 22, 2009

I figured it out! + A book

Okay, so Movie Edwards hair. It reminded me of someone. I couldn't figure out who though and it has driven me to within an inch of whats left of my sanity.
Think about Movie Edwards hair.....
Right? See how it looks?
(Sorry Kristen's Head,
you just didn't fit)
Now compare it to David Boreanaz.
(From the Buffy/Angel time)
Do you see what i'm getting at? Their hair is pretty much the same... Well Edwards is a different color but the sytle and cut, the length. JEEZ... I couldn't figure it out, It could just all be in my head though. Thought you should know.
PS- Lately-ish I have been reading James Patterson's Maximum Ride Series and it is really good. It's about... you know what, describing this story is like describing Twilight -Vampire falls in love with human- Maximum Ride - Brid Kids try to save the world.... Well It is actually a good series, I laughed and felt for the characters, so I give the series a 4 outta 5. :)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Okay, Twilight:The Movie

Good God, I really think that I watched Twilight 20 times and I can't stop. I have a portable DVD player (Named Rex, don't ask) so I seriously out in the DVD and walk around with the player. LOL. Sometimes I watch it, sometimes I just listen. I made Spaghetti and Meatballs for Dinner, Twilight was playing on my player right next to the stove...

Cardboard Eddie is REAL creepy in the blacklights that I have in my room. I always have the Windows covered so sunlight won't get in, and the normal lightblubs hurt my eyes. So I have one side of my room lit with red lights and the other with blacklights. The windows are covered so that 1 it's dark in my room, and 2 the sun makes my skin look weird, and I burn REALLY easy.
I told you that so that I could tell you this: I walked into my room drinking my McDonalds Iced Mocha and carrying a banana, Eddie is right inside my door, kinda like if someone HID behind my door to supprise me. Well guess what. He scard the Twilight right outta me. I almost lost my Mocha and I almost threw my Banana at him. I am a good fighter, I can Box, and kick and claw at people. I had a reason to learn to defend myself and I did. I am a good fighter, BUT I hate the idea of violence aginst anyone else. I hate that when I walk down the street in town when I pass a guy I look for his weak spots and prepare myself for a fight, even after 3 and a half years.


Friday, March 20, 2009

Since I will be living in front of my TV for a while.

So, to sum up the Twilight Release party. Coustume Contest for free movie -2nd place (by 1 vote) with twilight shirt red eyes and short ish crazy red hair.... I was I mix between Alice and Victoria. Then the Triva Contest, It was all about the movie. I won a life size cardboard Cutout of Movie Edward. He is staning in the corner over my shoulder and looking REALLY creepy, but I LOVE HIM! He was FREE. I just finished the comentary It is 3 in the morning. I got a Free tote bag, some Twilight Conversation Hearts (2 of each-1 to open and 1 to keep) I also got a keychain, It rocks. Oh yeah I also bought Cruel Intentions, because you had to buy another DVD to get the Tote bag, and it was the closest to the checkout counter. I should have won the Costume Contest but my Step dad didn't vote for me... How crappy is that- he insists on going then doesn't even vote for me, but I would have felt bad walking away with both prizes. So Now I am going to watch Twilight and try really hard not to think about how Cardboard Movie Edwards eyes pretty much glow in the dark.....

YAYAYAYAYYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYYYA! I Got The DVD! I don't know why but I am still really excited, I thought it would go away after I got through the movie once but it hasn't. I am goinng to go take out my itchy red contacts (3 people asked if my real Eye Color was red. 1 was a girl my age, one girl was 9 and another was a Mom- PLUS people kept looking and pointing at my eyes... Weird-- My reply at first to the Mom and The Little girl was 'NO! my eyes are really steel blue' to the Teen I said 'Yes, my eyes are really red like this, unless i'm thirsty. I drink human blood pretty regular, that is why their red. So, umm whats your blood type?' Then she laughed but almost really took me seriously. Then I talked about Twilight.

The ? that won me CBE (Cardboard Movie Edward) was 'What Lab are bella and edward workig on in biology, specifically?' The other girl said Cell growth. I though *Esme she's right then I thought NO! SPECIFICLY! THE PHASES OF MITOSIS!!!!!!* then I blerted my answer and Won CBE I thinnk I will refer to him as Eddie. I am gonna say my Tiny Edward is not very pleased with me.

Really Bad News, Alice Alert over :(

The good news is I found my Twilight book, the bad news almost half of it is in my mom's doggy's tummy. HE ATE MY BOOK! My twilight book is half eated :( I really almost cried when I saw him eating it in the yard, then I chased him around the outside of the house for half an hour. I usually run on Tuesday's and Thursday's and Saturday's. I ran 3 Miles yesterday, nbd. I don't run on fridays because I always make up a holiday for fridays, Wednesdays I don't run cuz i need a break and Monday is self explainitory I am not a Monday person. I run about 3 miles when I run. In the winter I run 2 Mi. on a treadmill and Do 5 extra push ups sit ups and pull ups... yup. ANYWAY! So I chased the dog then I turned around and headed him off right, and I dove tackled him. On the 15x15 square of concret that is in our 2 acer yard... That's where we met up, he didn't get hurt. Unfortunaly, I think I broke my right pinky finger. I am haveing a lot of accidents lately, I fall, I crash a bike to save peter rabbit I crack a bone pogo sticking, I have a little tiny crack in my middle finger knuckel from punching a dud... tree, and now i broke my finger... Talk about Karma... I didn't even do anything mean or bad...

Anyway so, the Really bad news is my Step-Dad has decided that it would be fun to go to the mall to get my Twilight DVD with me... MY STEP DAD! Is going to take me to the mall to get a movie at midnight..... How akward, well really it's not that bad, but that means Eric can't come.

You see, there was an incident with a Dirt bike, and Eric, and It resulted in me cracking a bone in my foot... It made the crack in my ankel bone deeper too... Well at least it didn't break my Ankel... It was my fault, I stalled the bike tring to shift and turn and avoid a bunny at the same time... I didn't wanna hit the bunny for 2 reasons 1. Eww, bunny guts 2. I would have felt bad.
So, Now I either see E at my house or not at all. Fun right? YUP. Lots of fun...

Do you have Twilight Syndrome?

So, Tonight we can finally own Twilight on DVD. This should be very awesome, but the expiriance is marred by the realization that once the huge Twilight fix will be attained, we will all go through Withdrawl at some point. Sure the DVD could be our TwiCrack for DAYS or WEEKS but what happens when the DVD isn't enough anymore? Will we be able to go back to just searching the internet for a fix, or will we start a slow and painful withdrawl?

And, since I can get a great fix at 1 in the morning, why do I need a fix now? It seems like it really is an addiction, a complusion. Why? Because I, like many other who don't know it yet, have Twilight Syndrome. It can be an up hill battle, but easily controlled with the proper amount of Twilight Everyday.

-Thanks to Confessions of a TwiCrack Addict for haveing an awesome name and getting me through my Twilight disease/addiction. YOU ROCK!

*PLEASE NOTE- I am not in anyway trying to be offencive to anyone about addiction. It is not a fun topic, and it hurts LOTS of people. I have seen and been through it enough to know that it hurts. And so I say that drugs are not worth it. Someone out there loves you, even if you have no family or friends. At least one person cares for you, maybe it's the coffee shop lady, or the baker, or someone you haven't met. It may not be Love exactly but, everyone has someone who cares for them in some way. Why hurt them by hurting your self?

Ryan said WHAT? And Kellan Has Feet-y PJ's

Okay, first off I think it is great that at least some guys are secure enough to say things like "Rob is the lead but your the better looking Cullen" to other guys. Secondly, I am glad that... Nope I am just glad some guys are secure enough to say another man is good or better looking. Kellan said some really nice thing about Rob too. > INTERVIEW WITH RYAN AND KELLAN

Okay, so Ryan Seacrest is an okay TV show, Radio host. So Ryan Seacrest gets to hang out with all the cool and Hot hollywood stars. BUT did he really think before he said that? Could you Imagine how many 14 and 15 year olds he just angered? Not to mention the older Twilight fan base, who may or may not react the same way? Could you imagine thousands of teen girls sending you hate mail reading something like- "Ryan, Rob is WAY HOTTTER than Kellan. You should go to..." well you get the picture. -actually I don't know what a 14 yr old would write to Ryan. Why? because my hate mode is temporarily out of commission. Why? The Movie comes out TONIGHT!!! AHHH! I feel like screaming, but I don't ever scream.

Now when I think of watching the DVD I feel the need to wear feet-y PJ's, and wear my Snuggie backwards... THIS is my favorite Kellan Interview. It's older-ish. But Hey, If you read something like Edi might go to Lutz's DVD party but he'll leave his PJ's at home. Or That someone Kellan lives with runs around with the flap to their feet-y PJ's open, could you resist reading the artical? Didn't think so.

Getting Ready to go the Twilight Release Party

So, ummm... I am aloud to go to the Twilight DVD Release party! I was allowed before too, but now I officially have permission.
My next Project is: What should I wear?

I am going to wear The Shirt I got a Walmart today (Stupid Twilight Disease, I couldn't stop myself.) It's Black with silvery blue intertwine-y designs. It has a Teeny Tiny Picture of Edward and Says Edward in little bitty letters. It also says Twilight with a Sparkle-y text. :)
I am gonna wear black pants too. AND I will wear my RED contact lenses. Yay mee. My Cullen crest Key chain is also going to be clipped to me. I think I might just have to wear one Team Jacob Sock and one Team Edward Sock. I don't know why, but since nobody has any chance with either of them, and i don't think anyone sells Team Switzerland Socks... So there is my outfit. I have decided... I might wear my Singers Hoodie, but I haven't decided.

What should I do now? I have my outfit, I tooked a shower, I gots my recepit that says I pre-ordered the DVD in my jeans pocket. Whats left but to wait? GAH!! What to do what to do? I think I am going 12 Sharp by Janet Evanovich. Yup, I will.
Twilight Emergency Still in Effect. I have a "Alice" alert out on it right now and it's not turning up anything. Of course, It would also helf If the searchers wern't Stuffed Animals and MY dog Mutu(Moo-Two) or as I call hime Bamzoni Done Noxville :) He's part Blood hound so maybe he can help, he is also part black lab and part stupid... but I love the big fat oaf. (He's almost 120 lbs. and over 3.5 feet tall on all fours. He seems to think he fits on your lap as well... That is where the part stupid somes in) I love Him though He is my Bam... Also I love him because he was a FREE puppy, well now looking back I should have dished out the 400$ for the Cutz-y little pure breed puppy Buying dog food is awful... HE EATS EVERYTHING! Like Stephanie Plum's (Number Series-Janet Evanovich) Bob Dog. He sleeps ontop on my chest, then (Only if the suns out... he is kindof afraid of clouds, trees(and since we live in the woods it's funny) Bunny Rabbits, Squirls, well Pretty Much EVERYTHING) He goes ouside uses the steps we have to climb onto the trampoline (young people cant climb up anymore? when I was 5 I had to climb onto the thing with out steps) and plops down to go to sleep until he gets hungry. Sometimes he bounces on the Trampoline *Note you shouldn't abbrevate that Tramp...* It's cute.

Just so you know no pet is ever Free, theres shots and food and treats and toys the list is endless.

I wrote this. About 10 min ago.

Tell me you love me
Take care of baby
Don't be afraid
Of anything
I will watch over you
I will take care of you
Please don't fight with me
Thats not what he needs to see
Make me a prmoise
Say that'll stay safe
Not to be obnoxious
but thats all okay
Do you want me
to sing you to sleep?
All the while your screamin'
Lies, don't leave me
you know you need me
I will be there for
I'll do what ever you
want me to
Darling I will be there for you
I yell I don't want you
I don't need you
Stay with her.
She's what you wanted
Stay with her
She's what you got yeah
Stay with her
Stay with your, baby.
I know what it'd feels like to lose her
You'll want every minute
So good bye
You asked Is this forever?
My reply Yes, this is forever
I know you love her
I know you love me too
I know you think you need me
but I'm just like a drug for you
I will always love you.


Umm, no need to freakout, but I CAN'T FIND TWILIGHT! I am Blogging From my brothers room so I don't have to look at my clutter of Twilight Crapola in my room. I Can't find it! It's no where. I ALWAYS either sleep with it on the corner of my bed- Don't judge me! I also sleep witha stuffed cow that I have had for a long time his name is Moo-Moo- And It is not there. I didn't lend it, when I lend out twilight I lend out the other copy of twilight (I have 4- 1 from 2005 and 1 from Christmas(Whole cast cvr.) 1 of the little ppb 1's with Edward and Bella and 1 from the boxset on my shelf.) WHERE IS IT? WHERE IN THE SAM HILL IS IT? Okay, I need to breathe, Probably it's just misplaced.

:( :( :'( WAAAAAAAAAAh!


(There are some pic at the end. Not many, and you've probly seen them.)
Okay you remember the Twilight disease? Twilight Syndrome, well It goes farther than just saying or writing most things twilight, I have been trying VERY hard NOT to go to stores where I know there will be things with Twilight On them (Wal-mart, The mall, well anywhere really.) BUT I had to have the Directors Notebook. HAD TO! So Eric said he would take me to Wal mart and he would go in and buy it so I didn't start compulseivly start putting everything twilight In the cart. It didn't work, he took to long and I went in. Wanna know what was right inside the door? Edwards Cardboard stand up, so I already have one, this one faced toe other direction he's have looked great on the oppisite side of Captin Jack. Right? Then not 15 feet from the door, was the motherload. Everything(Except for Rob or Kellen or Jackson.... well the real people) Twilight. Shirts pants gloves scarves even underware with Edward on them! Yea so Edward on your butt would be weird but who cares? Then I saw the game. I nearly had a heart attack and while I was looking E came over and escorted me out of the store. I didn't buy anything 'cept the book. Now I really need to be careful I don't wanna spend all my $ on Twilight but I really can't help myself. lol
Holy Jasper guys, The Twilight DVD is only hours away! well ok so, here it's only 8 in the morning and the release parties start around like 9 or 10, so 12 hours. I don't know if I can wait that long! It seems like the clock is going to S--L--O--W. Plus I still have to ask to 'borrow' the car tonight to go straight to the mall, and not stop on the way. That is No Problem, I'll just have to meet E there, wait! How in the Esme am I going to get him to go to the mall so he can be there when I get my DVD and have a heart attack over another guy? AND make him watch the DVD with me. (he saw the movie 3 times in theaters) GAH!!!! MEN, Stubborn and Sometimes Stupid. (Stupid isn't a bad word is it? What kinda Twilight thing can I say for it if it is?)
In honor of tonight I am having a McDonalds Breakfast with Coffee, and A Reese cup. I haven't eatin' anything like this for a while. I usually have a yougart for Breakfast, a Salad for lunch, and for Dinner I am usually at Practice, but when I am at home I have maybe a banana(thank Esme for that *Emmett* song or I'd never get that right) or Apple and maybe a little of what ever I made. Yup. I have to actually MAKE myself eat I'm not really ever hungry. My Dr. said It's some kind of head thing I dunno. One time I didn't eat for like 6 days and I didn't notice, thats why I went to the Dr. My mom, again, thought I was fakeing it. Trying to Starve myself. Nope, Honestly I didn't even notice.

What am I going to do ALL DAY? Probably fret about my old 'friend' deciding that E isn't good enough for me. Yup I think I am on to something there. HA! Maybe I will try to forget Twilight and Re-read some Janet Evanovich or Harry Potter. No, I'll end up with my massive- It's 3 feet Diameter- Clock to my left and a stack of the Twilight Books to my right. My Posters (all of the Twilight ones- he he gifts, noone ever knows what to get me so last x-mas I said "ANYTHING Twilight." Well that turned into EVERYTHING Twilight. My whole room is full of posters and Tote Bags, custom shirts, pants and good Alice everything. I swear, I could dress in all twilight related stuff for almost 2 weeks without doing laundry. I have more shirts that say "Twilight" than normal shirts.

So, Twilight Directors Notebook. It's pretty cool. Some of the words are right on the inner margin and you gotta open the book REALLY wide to read them, I like the way the hand writing looks and It gives the book a little more intamicy (yea I no SP). It is really fun. Now, It annoys the heck out of me because it's half a centimeter shorter than the Twilight Series. So I put it with them and it looks lopsided. O for the love of Edward.
So After all that, some awsome pictures of awsome thing. For Awesome people. Awesome.
I don't know why but this is still my fav.
The DVD cover for the 2 disc.

The Cover of the Twilight Directors Notebook.
Duh. It says so.
Holy Edawrd, He is REALLY HOT Here. Maybe
it's the Vamp Teeth thing I don't know.
They are both really Hot here. Ya I just said a girl
was hot, what of it? Who's to say she isn't? Seriously.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Busy and Twilight

So, My little brother and I made a deal: I pogo on his Vertigo, and he comes to Community Theater with me. HA! So, what came of my pogoing? 1. A nice concussion 2. A crack in the bone on my inner ankel (That "SHOULD" heal itself. What does that mean?) 3. The ability to rub in that my little bro. really does like the theater and has fun. :) YUP!
I have practice pretty much 3 days a week, 'cept next week. It's spring break. I might only have 2 days of practice next week.

So a little late, But Stephenie Meyer updated her Website on the 16th and the 17th saying that she is doing an event to benifit a book buyer who has cancer. YAY STEPH! And a reminder for Cathrine Hardwicke's Directors Notebook's release. YAY FANS!

The actors playing the roles of the werewolves were named. To be honest I am a little nervous about some of them. I don't know why but the wolves are one way the movie could absolutely suck. Also, how will they make the people 'explode' into a 'horse sized wolf'? YAY WOLVES! Also, when Edward leaves in the movie, we arn't going to have to watch scenes of him curled up in a ball right?

So, I read all that today, I am very behind in Twilight Times...

THIS FRIDAY!!! DVD RELEASE! I'm really excited to see all the bonus feat... and of course haveing MOVIE EDWARD on demand. I like Movie Edward.

**Side Note: Recently I have been tryin' real hard not to say BAD words... Instead I say things like Holy Edward! and Jazz it! or my favorite Emm ett! (he he) and sometimes when I need a really 'creative sentence' It might go someing like: Holy Edwarding, Jasper Emmett Roselie Hale! You scared the Twilight out of me. fun right? NO! People either look at me crazy or ignore it and pretend I had an episode. It's a disease, I made it one just now. It's Twilight Syndrome. It means that most everything you say will either be directly or indirectly related to Twilight. :) wait, no. I have a disease i'm :(

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Community Theater

I am apparently very good at evading actually answering questions. I was asked 'Are you a solo-est' Answer: "If I say yes, and I am not as good as I thought I was then I seem conceded, If I say no and I am better than I think then I am demoting myself." the reply "That is actually, the best answer to a question, and it isn't even an answer." ;) So now I have to 'try out' for a solo part... Yay me... :) I had fun tiday but now I have practice for the thig at lest 3 times a week... Which in turn means switching put the twilight soundtrack for the CD with the songs on it. It means less reading Twilight, and reading the lyrics to all the songs... It means I have less time... A lot less if I am this serious... HA! My mom jumped on board last minute, she isn't gonna kill me for this: In two weeks if I stop posting completely... it means either I didn't pay the cabel company, or that I was killed by a really angry mom for listening to "Greased Lightining" 1 to many times. lol

Woot! The Twilight Saga's NEW MOON

SO, The Twilight Saga's New Moon to start filming Monday? As in TOMORROW? OH YAY! I'm really excited!

So, I don't have the link because my stupid old as Edward computer won't open another Internet Explorer, but Rob did an Interview where he talked about his movie Little Ashes. He said that it was akward to film the gay sex scenes since there were lots of people who spoke a different language laughing and gigglin'. I think I would either mentally die or laugh my a$$ off if I was there, Not to mention be EXTREMLY uncomfortable. So to add another Rob to my list of Robs NOT to meet: Meeting a naked Rob... No Wait, hmmm, no meeting a naked Rob while a bunch of spanish people are gigglin' and there are lots of camera's around. :D

TODAY FOR LIE: Go to Community Theater. Audition for a part in their 'A Salute to Broadway' Why oh why did I have to insist on this? I am almost freaking out. Almost. GAH! I freaked out this morning when I woke up, then I couldn't decide what to wear. :( I never worry about this stuff. Acting before was always just a fun thing with a bunch of my friends for me and them. I am going into the Theater blind! I dunno what song their doing, I don't know the people here. So this is the ultamite 'for me' acting thing I have ever done. PLUS I haven't ever sang on stage before, so that'll be weird. I hardly ever sing anywhere outside my bedroom.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

My Non Twilight Weekend- Stan the Mini Van Memorial

So, Friday my step brother and his wife came over to "Steal" me to "babysit" which really means that Lie was going over to their house to laugh and hang out after the kids went to sleep. YAY out of the house. We watched some Movies, Wild Hogs and then Unbreakable, and then since he had challenged me to a completely NON-TWILIGHT 2 days (Friday and Saturday) I wasn't allowed to watch the 4th Harry Potter movie because of Edward. So we watched the 1st one. :) I sprouted of lots of fun-facts about Harry Potter and Just comon knowledge stuff because I was bored, but everytime I started to sy a fact about anything twilight he took a dollar from me... I started out with 25$ and If I stayed Twilight Free for the duration of my stay I could keep it. I slipped up a few times. I had 19.50 when I left his house.


So My mom called at around 11:30 this morning. She wanted me to come home early so she could go too the DMV. I agreed and we left his house at Just before noon. When we got to the road I live on I saw a new black mini van in the ditch. We had just bought a new blsck mini van. Mom didn't wait for Lie. She crashed the 3 day old mini van into the ditch. Poor Poor Stan the Mini Van... Well as we passed it i said to my brother "Oh God! Thats not ours, right?" and he looked and said "I really F---ing hope not." Then we passed my Mom and Littlest sister walking to the house... In my head *Oh, F---! I'm dead, i'm dead. I sould have called My brother out for the outragous lie they told to "steal" me. No, not that I should have come home sooner...* What I said "Are you ok? Tell me you got a plate number." Then I almost had the biggest panick attack in the history of me. I wasn't freaking because they crashed or how mad people would get, I don't really know what triggered it but I was freaking out because of everything I had lost. It really hit in that second that I wouldn't ever see Mikkiey again. Great timing right? I have a great guy now, hell i'm still a Kid pretty much, but My head played the phone call that I had with Mik saying Please Stay, Knowing he would hate me for leaving him again. I replayed the frantic call of my best friend Nathan, and then the time when Nate dropped the phone and tried to save Mikkiey. I heard everything in perfect clarity. I had to rehear my Everythings last minutes, and what he said to me. How perfect... Now since explaining that would make me sound crazy to my Mother I will just let them think i'm angry... My Brother and his wife seem to be the olny ones concerned that I bottled up a huge panic attack... They say I should just let go. Not gonna happen by now this would be a full blown call 911 she ain't breathing she needs sedated panic attack. I don't want that to happen: 1 for me, It sucks 2 for my little brothers and sister because being driven away in an ambulance would scare the heck out of them 3 My Mother thinks I fake them. Nice huh?

Guess what I did to feel better? I totally read Twilight. Already today. And all the best parts in the other three books... I deffinatly cheated on my no twilight diet... ;) Yup and I am happy I did.!

Fortunatly everyone is fine, 'cept maybe me, but I've lived through worse.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

So... today was very UNeventful and some rants

Today for me was very normal. I woke up at 4, like always, then at 6 I got my little brothers and sisters ready for school which really only means going into said rooms and shakin' the kid awake because nothing short of Dora the Freakin Explorer, or The Wiggles -btw/side rant I do not like the new Yellow wiggle. I think his name is Paul. I am unhappy with his performance and everything else. Not that I do not like the guy I have nothing aginst him personally, but he took my favorite wiggle away :( I liked Greg He was OMFPEC AWESOME! new wiggle, you are creepy to the max=ish-- okay sorry done... ANYWAY unless said character came in every morining and preformed for them LIVE they would sleep Till just after it's too late for their bus. So after everyone was gone I went back to reading THE HOST for like the 45th time... Then I wrote stuff for my story that turned into absolute crap... Every way I turn and different plot points i add and take away HE FREAKIN DIES! ARG. anyway thats it. Oh, I had to make dinner... I made my awesome Beeftips with Homeade Noodles.. I do not eat them but other do enjoy. I think Tu Morrow I will go to Wal-Mart. No fun links, I will however Tu Morrow have a very link riddles post about how awesome The Host is.... Because If Edward didn't Exist (Or Jacob for that matter) I would Deffinatly go with IAN who I can see cast as a Drew Fuller looking guy, or the guy from Jericho, he is Yum... Like Deisel from The Between the Numbers Novels by Janet Evanovich... I like Books

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

:) Book Suggestion

Hey guys, this is my favorite book of all time and I just re-read it today. It is called A Rose for Sadie By Rosie C. McGowan. The Book is Sadie telling one of the workers in her huge house about her life, but her life has had some interseting twists. It's a super sad book but I think if more people knew about it, It would be way popular. It is here at Amazon if you would like to take a look.
Thanks for reading :)
PS I believe ALL of the actors are in Vancouver for rehersals. (It is van right? not some other place?)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Twifessions posted this earlier... I think it is really gross and creepy... and are wombs suppoed to be that egg like? Did Nessie hatch? Seriously? Her WOMB? Why not her heart? A lion and a lamb? Why in the hell? what would inspire someone to make this? (sorry for person who made this if you read this) I think that Womb replica's shouldn;t be made for characters in books or movies... They should ALWAYS be anonymous replica's and they should ONLY be for like hospitals and doctor's oddices next to the creepy sexual organ replicas... or to educate... THIS IS NOT EDUCATIONAL OR RIGHT. IT'S NOT FUNNY, IT IS ACTUALLY KIND OF OFFENCIVE. I am mildly offended by this


I said at Twifessions that I would give them a little linky thing! I forgot! so here it is.

Also Song to checkout for you guys today is APOCALYPTICA - I'm Not Jesus Feat. Corey Taylor

Sorry! E-mail me @ if you'd like. I try to answer most of my e-mail I don't get to many Luv U guys.

Hey Guys! My Date....

Hey guys, So I went on a date with my guy tonight. His name is Eric, we've been datein' for about a year. He is the best boyfriend!!! First before I tell you about tonights disaster i'll tell you about a Twilight Themed date he took me on about 3 months ago for my Birthday. REALLY LONG post, tomorrow I'll tell you today's date.

*Goes back in time*
So, It's December 20th, the day before my birthday. It is also a saturday. So I have been obsessed with Twilight for a REALLY long time. For WEEKS Eric kept saying "Your birthday, AHH you'll love it, I wish time would speed up! I just can't wait to see your face." He said it for him, and to taunt me. So I woke up freaking out... Our date started at 1:30... So, he usually drives a little cute Ranger... I love his truck, It's nice. I was expecting it to come pick me up, but no. I saw a silver volvo comming up the drive way, not just any silver volvo, but FREAKING EDWARD CULLENS VOLVO! He rented it for the weekend! It was Movie Edwards Volvo and not the S60R, but Really he rented Eddie's volvo for me...

So I see this Volvo drive up and I'm wareing dark jeans and a dressy-ish top, with sort-of dress up heels. -I'm not a girl who wares dresses and Skirts and REALLY dresses up.- My mom made me wait inside but I usually go outside and throw my arms around him to hug him, and he always kisses the top of my head then he would walk me inside to tell my Step Dad I wouldn't be out late. (I wasn't 18 yet, not that It makes much difference.) So I'm already jumping up and down waiting for him-and the car. He rang the doorbell and it was all snoy-sunny cold out. He was COVERED head to toe -well his face and arms- in sparkels. I screamed and hugged him. He laughed and kissed the top of my head as is custom in front of my parents I DO NOT think my Step-Dad would take well to the make out hello... HAHA

So he washed off the sparkels because he was getting them EVERYWHERE and I insisted because I didn't want the evidince of where his hands may or maynot touch my clothing.... HA. So he opened my door at the car and WOULD NOT tell me where we are going... That didn't bother me that much because he was Edward that day. lol. We listened to the Twilight sound track in the car, then we listened to Claire de Lune (We drove for 30 minutes, he skipped some songs). So my date was already Twilight filled. He pulled off a little road with a bunch of woods all around. He said we had to "Walk a ways through the woods, there IS a path though babe, I promise. Well at least part of the way."

We walk on the path for 10 minutes then hooked off the path for about an hour... in dressy shoes. through the woods. with a still half sparkely boyfriend. on a twilight themed date. IT WAS AWSOME! So, after an hour of walking I see our destination. It was a little meadow with yellow and purple wildflowers. It was beautiful! He had a little picnic set up, with cute little sandwhiches and stuff. We stayed in the Meadow for about an hour and a half then we started back to the car. He carried all of the picnic stuff in a pack that was there. It was about 6 o'clock when we got back to the car. So It was a little bit dark. He said there was a couple mosr stops for us to make. I was all ready completely happy with what he had set up... and there was more?

For the Next stop we went to see Twilight AGAIN! I love Him so so so much for that. It was like my 11th time seeing it and he had gone with me once before with a groupe but had to leave because his mom needed to be picked up from the airport. :( So we saw Twilight and left the Theatre at a little befor 9 o'clock. Normally I'd have to be home at 9:30 with him but it was my 18th birthday and as long as I came home before sunrise I was in the clear... lol.

Well for the NEXT part of the date we were still a little early, so we grabbed some Micky-D's (McDonalds -sp?-) and then drove to the Communtiy theature in the town I loive in. I was like OMFPE, what are we doing here? There is also a small Ballet studio in the back of the theature. ;) He walked me through the doors and as I imagined, to the Studio. There was a little lighted gezebo there and a stereo. He started the music and we danced for an hour... it was about 10:30 when we stopped danccing and he asked how he was doing with the date. I thought I was going to CRY really I did. Then I tear did fall down my cheek and I said "Perfect, you are perfect... My Perfect" He smiled at that and said that there was still one more thing before he took me home and it was outside, and it might take some time so he pulled out a really long winter coat for me and it's mans copy... We walked outside and climbed the escape ladder to the roof, where there was some blankey's laid down so we could look at the stars and a little tiny table with TONS AND TONS of candles with Mushroom Ravioli... It was still warm too... We ate and looked at the stars until after midnight then, In the Middle of a pretty leading kiss that I was about to break off my phone rang... How crappy is that? It's all romantic and everything has gone perfect, and then we kiss and my phone rings, We had kissed before this but this was a nice kiss, slow and building and then, BAM! only it wan't Emeril seasoning food. It was my MOM I answered barely breathing... haha... and the convo i swear went like this "Lie, are you haveing sex?" "What? Mom!! No, we are looking at the stars and it's like 14 degree's outside why would I get naked enough for sex?" "Well If you to do have sex don't forget to wear protection, Lie baby... Please Be Safe." "Jeez mom, I'm going to hang up, I'll be home sometime soon Love you." "Wait, Lie your not gonna have sex? After he planned all that? You just arn't?" Then I hung up. My mood went from Romance to OMFPEC my mom just critisized me for NOT putting out... weird.

He heard most of the convo... He was like so, "We are supposed to do it? Ha, your mom is a crack up. I really Love you Lie but, I'm not ready for that. are you okay with that baby?"
I told him I was totally fine and Not ready for sex either, It has destroyed ALOT in my life and I don't want to loose E. So We talked ofr a while longer and he took jme hime at around 4 O'clock. My Step Dad was just leaving for work and E walked me to the door and Kissed me, we were mid AWESOME kiss when My Step dad stepped putside which neither of us heard and whacked him on the back of his head Gibbs Style.... He said "Hey, how are you two? Did you have fun Lie, He had ellaborate plans, I hope everything went well. And Boy, if I find out your hands, or any part of you got to part of her that underware cover I'll take'em off." For jokes Eric grabbed my @$$ at that moment...

Thank you for Baring with me through my explantion of the BEST date in the HISTORY OF FOREVER!!!!! love ya'll

Because Lauren blogged her "convo" with Rob, I will tell you which Rob's would be ok to meet. For me.

HA! So I was just over at Laurens Bite... She doesn't EVER want to meet Rob. She has perfectly good reasons, and I respect her choice, however, I don't agree. There are plenty of different sides to Rob, and situations where meeting him would be bad. Bare with me here I mean no offence.

So drunk he gets google-y eyes Rob. > NO

"So Hi, I'm Lie" I'd say- his reply "...Hi, (Mumbles and grumbles words that don't make sence)"

While lots of fangirls are screaming and he's thinking "When do I get to leave?" aka Annoyed Rob. > NO

"Hi, I'm Lie." - "Hi, what do you want? A signature? A picture?" he asks all annoyed.

Rob at a signing, where the above happens. > NO

"Hi,..." get cuts off- "Hi, Here, NEXT!" I really don't know if he'd be that way but I'd be pissed

Rob anywhere that a toilet is within 5 feet. > NO

"Um, Hi. I'm Lie I was just in the bathroom where the girl in the stall next to me didn't wash her hands." -He'd answer "Um, that's great I was just on my way to go pee, if you'll excuse me" - Then I would blert out something like "Have fun" then think *Crap well Book Edward said "No, have fun works as well as anything" guess he didn't count the potty*

Also, Meeting Rob while in a hurry. > NO

"Hi" I'd say "Hi, how are you today? Do you like music?" *Crap, I could blow off picking my mother up from the airport to talk to Rob, but she might get lost* "I'm sorry I have to go."

Or while/just after an embaracing moment. > NO

He would say "Hi i'm Robert." I would run from the room.


I Would love to meet Rob walking a dog that never has to go potty.

I would love to meet Rob somewhere like a parking lot with a flat tire, then hopefully either he would help fix it.

I might *if he doesn't get pissed* like to meet Rob after he runs his car into mine because he himself admits he can't drive here.

I would like to meet Rob somewhere nothing could go wrong!

So, that is my take on meeting Rob.

So, I am listening to Blue October, and I am DIEIN' to have a non acustic version of "MY NEVER" :( I can really see how it goes with Jacob in BD. HAHA, it's a lil' face with sun glasses and a huge smile, anywhats In Breaking Dawn on page 355 like Stephenie said... :( So sad.

:> <3>

Monday, March 9, 2009

Twilight-ish News and my thoughts on Names

So, lists the name Renesmee as a name. Is it really all that suprisein' seriously? I mean she is a MAJOR character in a best selling YA novel that crosses into the adult audiunce. It kind of makes sence. For it to be listed on some name websites, isn't just for parents naming their kids. How many of you looked up your own name there? Or a friends name for the meaning? How many writers have used the site to either look up the meaning of a name or to dare I say it name a character for the meaning?

I think the name fits with the CHARACTER. In the story it works, but in any real and true form- as in "Honey, I'm going to have a baby girl and we are naming her Renesmee!"-It DOES NOT work. (No Offence if you did name your daughter Renesme, it is a cute name, but not for real life. Kinda like the Celeb Baby Names. For a list of strange Celeb Baby names CLICKY. My favorites are the thrid under M and the second to last under M. Sorry Babies.)

The meaning is a big DUH - Here is why:
Renee` = Reborn + Esme = Loved - Therefore Renesmee = Reborn and loved

This formula also works with other names, want some examples?
Neeolona = New Light. Why? Neeo (Neo)=New and Lona=Light
Cainadie = A Nobel Craftsmen. Why? Cain = Craftsmen and Adie = Nobel

I like to play with names I think if I ever have a girl I would name her Cainadie (CANE-ADD-Y) if I have a boy I really like the names Caden and Carlisle. So my top 4-2 girls 2 boys-kids names. The names after the - are alt middle names, I don't know which I like best. I'm most unsure of Charrley's middle name. I'm most positive about Carlisle

1G. Cainadie Esme-Angel
1B. Caden Emmett-Rayne
2G.Charrley Evangeline-Evan-Ever
2B. Carlisle Ehren (Alt spelling of Aaron)

Okay, I'll post again later today, SEE you then.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

So, umm I wrote this, I dunno if anyone will like it.

So I wrote this, yeah it's kinda morbid. I'm sorry if I offend anyone. I wrote it for my best friend who killed himself, He was my everything. I left him, so in turn he left me in a more final way. If you look at it from his perspective, His afterlife is timeless, so if I beleived like him, he would be waiting for me to join him in a place where time neither existes or is needed, so 50 years for me would be nothing for him. His afterlife also is whatever that person would love most, either Family or riches, Love or Hate. This afterlife is whatever you want most in your life. It's a reflection of yourself. Give and Take.

*Note on the line 'Think of our son' No, I do not have a son. It is a referance to something only someone who knows me can understand, but It does refer to a little boy names 'Charrley Cole Jackson*

Please say stay
I need you here
Your last words cut me more deeply
Than the day I told you goodbye
How in the hell could you
Take your self out
Leaving me here alone
Think of our son
Think of your daughter
They'll grow up without a father
How did you feel?
Was it the most fun
They arn't the only ones
Think about her
Think about Wife-y
Think about me
You know I lied to you
Love runs much deeper
Than blood or ashes
Nothing can take that away
You told me you loved
Said you were sorry
And now you are dying
Please don't tell me goodbye
Please Please Baby Lie
Lie to me softly
It's just a bad dream
Tomorrow I'll wake up
In your arms again
It's just a bad dream
Lie to me softly
Promise you didn't die for me
Lie, Lie,
These are the lies 2 tell me.

Maybe if I can find all the words I'll post the lyrics to a song my friends and I did together. I wrote the lyrics and my friend Nathan wrote the music. I won't post the music though. It was called 'Charrley's Lullaby'


So I went to the bookstore today, Thinking 'I am going to have to replace Fearless Fourteen by Janet Evanovich.' Well I got to the store and my eyes buldged so far out I might have had to pick them up off the floor. They wanted 30$ for a book that's more then 6months old! So I bought a book that costed less then 6$ (I'm a little poor at the moment) It's called HAVOC by Jack DuBurl. I read the first few chapters it is pretty good book, I don't know yet though.
No old ladies chased me today but tonight, My sometimes Boyfriend is going to take me out to dinner.-2 N's?-
So, my little sister, whilst comparing Eric to Edward's Sparkely-ness reveled that... Lie has a tattoo, to my mother. (She also wrecked a tiny Edward and erased my plans for almost a week at the same time) So today my mother, who had not seen the tattoo herself yet because she refused point blank, saw my tattoo. It says "My Man Sparkles" It's in a blod twilight-y text and has sparkels in the lettering. *Hits self in head for dropping her camera out of the boat* Well It is really small-ish and under/across the inside of my right ankel. Seriously, It can be covered with a sock, or shoe. Or even mistaken for a mark I accidently made. It's not what I was originally going to get but the " " I want is a little pricy... So my mom looks at my ankel and as says something to the effect of "OMFPEC! I cannot believe you would defile your body that way." Okay so she really didn't say OMFPEC but, hey....

Saturday, March 7, 2009

What do you think? Mean Old lady.

Does anybody else think that some of the twilight fans (Myself included) are absolutly insane? I mean I went to Hot Topic today wareing a shirt with the quote "I wondered- would a bullet through my temple actually kill me or just leave a really big mess for me to clean up." I sware my shirt said Twilight NOWHERE on it and like 8 people came up to me and were like "You read Twilight." "Who's Team are you on?" "Where did you get your shirt it is cool" and so on... In case you didn't know the quote is from Breaking Dawn Book Two. Jacob thinks it... I AM NOT TEAM JACOB, NOR AM I TEAM EDWARD! I am TEAM HAPPY WITH THE WAY THE COUPLES STAND!!!!!
My questioning continued until a little old lady whacked me in my shins with her cane and said "Leave your suicidal thought in your head you little (Called me a mean S word that ended in 'ut'). My Granddaughter doesn't need to (F-ing) learn about your (F-ing) new life or death fetishes. Get your (mean W name) @$$ out of my site before I have to call the God Damned Security (F-ers) to remove you from it. Or I guess you could just Blow them." She dropped more F bombs at me than any old lady in the history of forever. I didn't know what to do... I was angry and I knew If I even raised my VOICE like she did I could get hauled away by rebt a cops... And MANY bystanders had come to buffer me away from the lady. :(

What would you have done? I filled out a report but what is complaining to 'The Man' about some old lady really going to do... I mean I didn't know her name or anything so It really did no good.
What should I have done?

STEPH'S Website Updated

HEY ALL. I'm pretty sure you all know by now that Seth, Stephenie Meyer's little brother/Webmaster, had UPDATED her site,
The update was for Cathrine Hardwicke's upcoming book Twilight: Director's Notebook, which drops on March 17th, I believe. There is a two-page spread from the book that has some photo's of the actors as well as some story board drawigs. You can see the pages in the directors notebooke by clicking on this word: RANDOM.
Sometimes some random word will be a link to something that I enjoyed reading recently or found funny, sometimes they will be to sites, other to pictures. Maybe even to secret messages from Me, Lie.


Today I have the abridged version of a story for you.

Guess what? *OMFPEC!* So I stayed over at my older brothers house last night and he was drinking some beer, well he didn't have a bottle opener... so ge used a butter knife. After about 3 beers I discovered, attached to the front of his automatic can opener, a bottle opener. He is such an Idiot. I couldn't stop laughing at him! I was reading him the story I was writing because he wanted to hear it and didn't think he's be able to read after ONE HALF of a beer.
*Oh My Freaking Pocket Edward Cullen* Please let it be shown that I- Lie- Am the first person to say OMFPEC! I also said it in the Comments on LAURENS BITE, one of my favorite Blogs!

Here is how him and I standing in the kitchen with him trying to opening his third beer went:

Me: "I can't believe you don't have an opener"
Him: "I thought these were twist off lids"
Me: "Twist off lids are for P*$$y's"
*I see the opener as he is struggleing with the butter knife because he is slightly tipsy at this point, so I snatch up his unopened beer and use the opener and hand it back in about half a sec*
Him: "What the Hell?"
Me: "B o t t l e O p e n e r, See it works like this." (Speaking the words slowly, drawing out the moment because of all the cussing and groaning that went into the first two beers)

Then I laugh for 20 minutes at him.


Dakota Fanning is for serious going to play JANE! I think this is great. Jane in my head was anything like Dakota, but I think she will be able to pull it off. No she won't just pull it off she will do REALLY REALLY AWESOME! She is 15! She'll be great, looking at her body of work she can deffinatly pull off the role, and she won't over power the lesser known actors just because we know who she is...

She looks so grown up but still child like.
Her face is perfect for the smileing Jane.
Her hair will probaably be dyed dark though
Now who will play her TWIN BROTHER-Alec-?

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Okay, today I am going to start re-reading THE HOST by Stephenie Meyer. It is one of my favorites. It is my favorite book by Stephenie Meyer, she really can change completely for the story, from Flamably Awesome Vamps to Souls... Luv U Steph!

Yesterday I finished PLUM SPOOKY for the 10th time. It is a great one from Janet Evanovich. I love the Deisel and Steph relationship! It's so funny. I also read the first chapter of FINGER LICKIN' FIFTEEN posted on Janet's Website. I won't spoiler anything, but OME! The first page of the first chapter something REALLY REALLY bad happens to Lula... REALLY REALLY bad also makes for VERY VERY funny. The whole section is hilarious, and totally Stephenie. I just have one thing to say that was in the preview... Stupid Peanut Butter!

All in all not a bad morning, woke up at 4 freakin' O'clock, turned on the TV-god forbid I miss Gargoyles- and set to writing the next few pages of a story I got in my head that took the biggest freakin' turn and I have to re-work EVERYTHING! So as Janet says on her website I will "Stare at the computer screen until something appears." HAHA, If only it were that easy, the words for what happens come harder than what is going on.

This would be my favorite Twilight Promo Pic.
Isn't he Hot?Rob is Really hot... there is no ?
His finger kinda look like he was playin' in the
dirt just before the picture was taken though.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Darn it Jack.. Why do my Tiny people keep dien'?

My Tiny Eddie was joining my shelf of Tiny People, there's some Losties, Spidy, some other super hero's and then there is Edward Cullen Tiny Person... He either keeps getting wrecked or killing my other Tiny people. (To my first Tiny Eddie-Baby sister painted him with sparkey nail polishe, then proceded to reveal to my mother that all men should sparkel because my shirt said men sparkel, my BF showed up covered in sparkels and took me on a twilight themed date for out Anniversary, and then she said it "And even your tattoo says that men sparkel"... Mommy didn't know her little girl got a tattoo, and then was appaled that It says "My Man Sparkels")

Some Rob News, and No Solomon for New Moon

OME, how Hot is rob here?

ROB NEWS: Slightly late comming.
Rob's movie-How to be, Will feature 4 songs from Rob.
They are all songs he sings in the movie.

Also NEW MOON news-
Solomon Trimble will not come back to reprise his role in
New Moon. IMO- He had one line in the movie, and most
non-twilight readers didn't even know he was playing Sam.
I do not think this will be a huge change at all, not that Solomon
isn't a good actor.

Post Number One : BAD FREAKIN' DAY

Well, today I had a crap day. Do you wanna know what happened today? Well I'm ganna tell you anyways! I got up to get my brothers and sisters on the bus to school. Not a bad start, then I went back to my hobbit hole, I.. I mean my room, to type up some of the Idea that poped into my head at 2 am. So I open my laptop and try to type out the title onto word, then tragity struck, The Title was "New Point of View: Mikkiey's Past." The Freakin' button on my keyboard flew up when I typed it and it proceded to hit me straight in the EYE BALL! then as I screamed and cussed in suprise I knocked my bottle of water all over my notebook where I keep my Ideas and my Story's... That was all before 8 O'clock.

So to ease my pain, and irratation at my own clumsyness I Started to read Twilight for the 200th time. Then a new Idea struck me, I wanted to write a blog where I read a book and then give it a review, not a Chapter by Chapter thing, but a rundown of what I read. Then I decided I would also add losts of who's its and what's its. Like LOTS about my love affair with a certain Vampire Named EDWARD CULLEN! But the Completely twilight related blog scene is a little bit done so I thought that I would also throw in other fun stuff.